Student Leadership

Students in grades 3, 4, 5 will host a classroom leadership position, in addition to a “Kids for Kids” school wide leadership position which will be facilitated and coached by staff.

"Kids for Kids" Leadership Opportunities for 2019/20

  1. Assembly Set Up Crew - every assembly and/or large gathering in the gym assists with set up (microphones, stands, benches, etc…).  Once per month.
  2. Learning Commons Assistants - help Mrs. Sullivan in the library with various tasks (sorting books, helping decorate for special occasions, etc...)
  3. Lost and Found Team - ensure items are placed in the lost and found.  Hang up the items and 3-4 times throughout the school year put out on tables.
  4. Student Secretaries (Grade 5 Only) - two students per week, answer phone calls, take messages, assist in the office while staff eat their lunch.  This occurs during lunch and lunch recess.
  5. Assembly Greeters - Every assembly, these students will hold doors for our guests, greeting them at the door and ensuring they feel welcome to our school.
  6. Kindergarten Buddies - students will meet with their kindergarten buddy for reading opportunities, lunch, arts and crafts, etc…  Most of these encounters will occur either at morning recess or lunch hour.
  7. Firebirds Spirit Team - this team comes up with events for the whole school to participate in.  They will come up with the ideas, promote it, and organize the event.
  8. Tech Team - will meet during lunch hours to create presentations for classes and the school.  Learn how to use a green screen, Google slides, etc… Lunch hour 2-4 times per month
  9. Welcome Team (School Tours) - greet new students and their families to our school as well as special guests.  Provide a tour of the school, highlighting all the cool things that FV offers!
  10. AMA School Safety Patrol (Grades 4 & 5 Only) - every day after school, two students will be out assisting our students and parents cross the street at our crosswalk.  A team works together for one full week.
  11. Hallway Heroes - take tiny brooms and garbage bags and ensure our entrances are tidy and clean (sweeping up sand, leaves, gravel, ensuring shoes/boots are on shelves, etc…)
  12.  Kindness Krew - this small group will ensure we spread FV kindness beyond just the school.  Letters to Veterans for Remembrance Day, cards to the elderly at Christmas, decorating the school with messages of kindness etc…
  13.  Photo Operators - take pictures of various events throughout the school year, like our assemblies, field trips, daily activities, etc… and help post them to various sources.
  14.  Green Gang - students participate in the beautification of the school by recycling, bottle pick-up, planting in the spring, etc…
  15.  HART (Health Action Relationship Team) - established by the school division, each school has one of these teams in their building.
  16.  Makerspace Movers - as you build, learn how the various games work and are put together so you can assist classes as they visit the Makerspace area. Give ideas for what to add next to the Maker Space.