Nutrition Program 2018/19


We are in the third year of hosting the Alberta Education Nutrition Program.  Our focus in this program is ‘grab and go’ breakfast items, and a rotational menu for lunch service. Currently, the program serves about 230 students at our school. The program is offered universally to all students in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade Five.  In building the menu we consider all food sensitivities, allergies and preferences and ensure dietary options are available as needed.  Parents have the opportunity to access the program, or send in their child’s own lunch should they not prefer the selection on the menu.  Each day students have access to fresh fruit, vegetables and milk. 

Every three-four months we review the menu and rotate items in collaboration with our nutritionist from Alberta Health Services.  She also works closely with the school creating monthly “Smoothie Day” recipes and “Toast Tuesdays”  (Try something different on your Toast).  We work in collaboration to rotate the menu with a variety of selection so that students are eating items of nutritional value and variety.   

Please CLICK HERE to see the current menu offered to all students.

We are very happy with the opportunity to be a part of the Nutrition Program this year.  Should you have any further questions regarding the program please contact the school or Mr. Greg Joslin, our Vice-Principal who is coordinating the program, 403-343-8780.