April Kindergarten Newsletter

We are loving the warmer weather and plan to spend more time outdoors.  Before we know it the school year will be done.  We are having separation anxiety already at the prospect of kindergarten being over for the year.  

Thank you to parents and caregivers for picking up the children so promptly at dismissal time!  We appreciate your efforts. We have extra sanitizing that happens between the classes so being on time helps us stay safe.    

Snacks:  Please continue to send healthy snacks that the children can open independently.  Our school nutrition program has added small breakfast or lunch snacks including fruit, vegetables, yogurt and  snack bars.    

Clothing: We continue to go outdoors when the weather permits,  so dress for the weather. We still need to be as independent as possible with our clothing. Please label all clothing items.  This will help us  to return things to their owners.  The children  sometimes don’t recognize their  own  clothes and boots.   Mix ups can be very stressful and upsetting for the children.  

Important dates in March: link to Fairview Calendar http://fairview.rdpsd.ab.ca/Calendar.php

Friday, April 2- Sunday April 11-Spring Break  No school for students

Wednesday,April 21- School Council Meeting at 6:30 P.M. All parents are invited to attend.  This will be a virtual meeting. 

Friday, April 23 -Staff learning Day no school for students



In the coming weeks we will be focusing on:


I Belong:

Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the characteristics and interests that unite members of communities and groups.

I can develop an awareness of the importance of sharing the responsibility for caring for the environment 

I can ask questions to make meaning of a topic

I can gather information on a topic


I can share stories, ideas and experiences. I can ask questions and make comments during listening and reading activities. I can associate sounds with consonants that appear at the beginning of personally significant words. I can connect oral language with print and I can understand that stories, information and personal experiences can be recorded in pictures and print and can be listened to, read or viewed.   I can attend to print cues when stories are read aloud. I can begin to identify some individual words in texts that have been read aloud.  I can identify and generate rhyming words in oral language. I can hear and identify sounds in words. I can copy scribed words and print texts to assist with writing.  


Healthy snacks and healthy life choices for staying well like handwashing and social distancing 

Safe outdoor and indoor physical activity 


I can identify ways to help

I can share at home and in school

I can  accept and practise responsibility.

I can  develop a sense of responsibility for tasks at school 

I can experience and express feelings in socially acceptable ways.

I can begin to express and accept positive messages 

I can identify situations where strong feelings could result


I can materials in the environment and community.

I can recognize the need to care for materials, and uses materials without wasting them  

I am becoming aware of the importance of protecting the environment.


I can recognize at a glance and name familiar arrangements of 1 to 5 objects or dots. 

I can represent and describe numbers 2 to 10, concretely and pictorially. 

I can reproduce a  repeating pattern

I can compare two objects based on a single attribute, such as length (height), mass (weight) and volume (capacity). 

This is a link to the kindergarten overview for parents:

Kindergarten – My Child's Learning: A Parent Resource