Mrs. TK has arrived and is beginning to take on responsibilities as a teacher.  By mid-March, she will be teaching 80% of the time.  She is working closely with Ms. Hampton and me as we guide and support her in her final few weeks before she graduates and can begin working as a teacher. 

Math -  Mrs. T.K. has introduced fractions and will connect decimals and fractions at the end of March.  The class has all been taught all operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and we will continue to practice these weekly for the remainder of the school year.  I cannot emphasize enough, please practice multiplication and division basic facts with your child at home.  i.e. 6x9, 7x4, 56 ÷ 8. 42 ÷ 7.   Middle school math teachers have shared it is a concern of theirs that elementary students have not yet mastered their basic facts.

Language Arts -  We continue to work on our weekly Word Work with different activities.  The students have done very well in this area and it is beginning to show in their daily writing.  Mrs. T.K. is teaching the students about informative writing.  Each child has picked a topic that they are interested in and are writing an informative piece of work with a table of contents, topics, subtopics and maybe a glossary.  

Social Studies -  Students are being introduced to the history of Canada. 

Science- Mrs. TK will be teaching Weather Watch for the upcoming weeks. We will start with temperature and identifying the warm and cool temperatures in different environments. Your child will construct a wind vane to test wind direction and we will look at wind speed with an anemometer. 

Health - We will be talking about resilience. We want to teach flexibility and perseverance when things get tough. 

PE - March will be an exciting month with many different activities and skills. We will start with curling, move into basketball and revisit jump rope. On March 15 we will kick off our Jump Rope for Heart event through the Heart and Stroke Foundation. We will be fundraising for Heart and Stroke Research and talking about heart health in PE. 

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