2/3I MARCH Newsletter

Language Arts: This month we will be really focussing on our sentence writing and transforming sentences into paragraphs. We are learning to edit our own work and ensuring that we have capital letters when appropriate and punctuation at the end of our sentences. 

Math: We are focussing this month on skip counting and multiplication. Skip counting is a foundational skill that will be practiced through games, independent games, and activities on the chromebooks. Grade 3's will be building on their skip counting skills by applying those skills to multiplication. As this is a new concept for our Grade 3's it will take a lot of practicing at school and at home to be successful! 

Science: We will be combining our Grade 2 unit of Boats and Buoyancy and our Grade 3 science unit on Testing Materials, to build different boat samples and conduct experiments that focus on both of these topics. The Grade 3's will benefit from this unit especially since they missed it last year due to the pandemic forcing school to be online. 

Social Studies: Grade 2's are adventuring to Iqaluit over the next several weeks to learn about the land, culture, and geography of Iqaluit. We will be comparing Iqaluit's culture to hear and Red Deer by looking at early cultures of both locations and modern day cultures. Grade 3's are learning about Leadership and Decision Making in Canada as well as the four other countries that are taught in Grade 3.  These countries are Peru, Ukraine, Tunisia and India.