1 L Newsletter 

April 2021

Language Arts: We have been looking at editing our work with a focus on forming our letters the correct way, using spacing (meatball spaces) between our words and using a period at the end of our sentences.\. We are learning about different kinds of writing such as opinion writing. We will also learn about consonant and short vowel sounds. 

Math: We have begun to learn how to count by 2’s to 20. Please practice counting by 2’s to 20 at home with your child. In class we have begun our addition and subtraction units. 

Science: We have finished our building unit and will begin to study the 5 senses. Students will develop an awareness of their own senses and how they are used. They learn that each of their senses provides information about particular aspects of our environment; and that, together, the senses enable us to know things and do things that we would not otherwise be able to do, or at least not as easily

Social Studies: We have begun our mapping unit where students will find our community on a map and globe. 

Health: We are finishing up our unit on the benefits of exercise and eating healthy. We will begin to incorporate different mindfulness techniques such as breathing and yoga into the classroom activities. We will be starting our unit on physical similarities and differences; all what makes us unique. 

Music: In music, we are using instruments to create sound effects to enhance chants and poems. We will also be exploring how instruments can be used to make patterns.

Art: Spring is in the air! We will be doing many spring art projects which incorporate Science and Social Studies outcomes such as Seasonal change and learning about animal homes. 

Important Dates: 

  • Friday, April 2- Good Friday NO SCHOOL
  • Monday, April 5- Friday, April 9- Spring Break NO SCHOOL 
  • Wednesday, April 21- School Council meeting at 6:30PM. Via Google Meet. 
  • Friday, April 23- Staff Learning Day NO SCHOOL

Just a reminder to please send healthy snacks and a water bottle with your child to school everyday. 

If at any time you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me by email: tammy.lychuk@rdpsd.ab.ca